Hikes We Love in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky

The Red River Gorge is known primarily for 2 things: its amazing rock climbing and hiking! We’ve got the climbing part covered, but one of the most common questions from our clients is, “what are your favorite hikes around here”? Since there is a wealth of information on hiking in the Red River Gorge, we have chosen to list 10 of our favorites; a mix of official and unofficial trails. Most hikes link to one of our favorite resources on hiking in the RRG: to Red River Gorge .com. See the map or more resources below for even more Red River Gorge hiking info!

Our Top 10

Natural Bridge ¾ mile
Chimney Top ¾ mile
Sky Bridge Loop 1 mile
Rock Bridge Loop 1.5 miles
Whittleton Arch 2.5 miles
Indian Staircase & Cloud Splitter 1.8-4 miles
Copperas Falls 3.8 miles
Grey’s Arch 4-6 miles
Auxier Ridge 3.2-7.3 miles
Silvermine Arch & Hidden Arch 5.1 miles


to Red River Gorge .com : This is our favorite website for comprehensive and detailed hiking information in the Red River Gorge, KY! Many of the hikes listed above are outlined in detail on this website.


Red River Gorge Hiking & Backpacking Topographical Trail Map by OutrageGIS Mapping : “Full-color maps of the Red River Gorge, Clifty Wilderness, & Natural Bridge State Park. Shows all official trails, side trails, & campsites. Includes GPS grids, forest canopy type, scenic areas & elevation profiles. A photographer’s map locates best places to watch sunrises & sunsets.” This is the best hard-copy map of the area!

Free map here!


Hinterlands – Unofficial Hiking in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge : Many of the most scenic trails in the Gorge are “unofficial”; these are detailed in this book!

Hiking the Red: A Complete Trail Guide to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge : A good guide to the official trails of the Red River Gorge.

This was part three of our 4-part Red River Gorge “Area Info” series. Find part one on campgrounds here. Find part two on cabins & other places to stay here. Stay tuned for the next post in a couple weeks!